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How to Recover Bitcoin Lost Accidentally, Can a bitcoin transaction be reversed?

Bitcoin Hacker for Hire- If you want to know about legal way of reversing a bitcoin transaction which is already confirmed, then it is not possible to claim for a refund. Once a Bitcoin transaction is confirmed, only the person receiving it can send it back to you.

However, since Bitcoin transactions use blockchain technology and as every technology have a loophole, blockchain is also having some loopholes. Using those loopholes, yes it is possible to get a bitcoin transaction reversed.

You can hire a bitcoin hacker to recover lost bitcoin. You may have sent bitcoin to wrong wallet or someone might have stolen bitcoin from your wallet, you can now recover lost bitcoin only using a Bitcoin hacker.

How to get Bitcoin transaction reversed?

We have developed a private method to recover lost bitcoins. Our method is based on 2 types of blockchain attacks. These attacks are already known to everyone as well as bitcoin community. What are blockchain attacks we use?

  1. Alternative History Attack
  2. Majority Attack

We have combined both the above mentioned blockchain attacks and have developed one attack which is effective and powerful.

We have generated more than 9000 nodes of the “bitcoin distribution network”. You can check exact number of nodes we have acquired by clicking here.

We have generated a huge “hash power” by encouraging more and more miners to join our network every day!

What is Alternative History Attack?

In simple words, it means generating an alternative history of the bitcoin spent. In short, we create a story that those bitcoins were sent to a different address which is under our control. This attack is used along with another attack called “majority Attack” which is not an easy job as we have to control more than 51% of the current bitcoin nodes in order to get a success. And since we have acquired more than 9000 nodes, we are able to perform this attack!

How to recover sent Bitcoin?

If you want to recover Bitcoin you have sent Bitcoin to a wrong wallet address or your Bitcoins are stolen from your wallet, we need two things:

  1. Private Key of your own bitcoin wallet from which those bitcoins were actually sent or stolen.
  2. Exact amount of Bitcoins lost you will have to provide us exact amount of Bitcoin sent by mistake or stolen from your wallet. Quoting a false amount means, that transaction never happened and it will be impossible to recover that transaction.
  3. Equal amount of Bitcoins in your wallet should be there in your wallet. It means, for example: if you have lost 0.2476 BTC, in order to recover that amount, you should have at least 0.02476 BTC in your same wallet before raising a request to recover Bitcoin from us. It is required to write alternative history and perform double spent attack.

How long does it take to get Bitcoin Transaction Recovered?

We cannot tell you the exact time this process is going to take us since it depends on many factors, such as the congestion of the bitcoin network or the number of confirmations that the transaction you want to cancel has (the more confirmations, the more complex). In the best case, we will take less than a day (for recent transactions, with none or a few confirmations), while in the worst case, we can take up to fifteen days (in the case of old transactions, with many confirmations and with the balance already spent). If you want to know a more exact estimated time, ask us about your specific case and we will gladly tell you.

What will be a fee to recover Bitcoins lost?

In most of the cases, we charge 10% of the value you want us to recover. However, this percentage changes or we may even charge a flat amount in order to recover lost bitcoin. Get in touch with us in order to know the exact fee to recover bitcoin.

Easy Way to Find Bitcoin Hacker for Hire

The best way to find Bitcoin Hacker for hire is to look for an agency online that specializes in identity theft protection. Hackers usually access systems through these third party companies. Their job is to monitor all the activity going on with the computers. They keep an eye on all kinds of credit card numbers, bank accounts, and social security numbers. This is to prevent any kind of misuse by these hackers.

How to hire a hacker to recover bitcoin?

If you want to recover your lost bitcoin, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to contact page
  3. Fill in the contact form with your information and mention that you want to recover lost bitcoins.
  4. You will get a response from hackers team within few minutes and you can then discuss about this service and place your order.
  5. Fill in the contact form with all required details and do not forget to mention that I need hacker for Recover Bitcoin.



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